Hold Fast Brings a Story to Fuel Yours

A smile and a simply great cup of coffee to you, your team and your clients. From WOW-ing them when they take that first sip in a morning meeting, to the mid afternoon cup to keep them sharp for the rest of the day, a perfect cup of coffee makes all the difference. Our complete solution spans everything from an espresso to brewed coffee program that’s perfected to make it effortless to brew a great cup, day in and day out.

With us, our process is completely dialed in. That means your guests enjoy more. Your staff worries less. Let’s connect and talk coffee. We’re eager to show you how we can make your coffee program excellent.

Our passion is coffee and people.

There are those who devote their lives to coffee. Those who pursue absolute perfection from the bean to the last sip. Well. That’s us. For more than a decade, we have committed ourselves to providing excellent coffee with exceptional service. And doing our best to make it easy for others to do the same.

Now, we know you share a passion for such excellence. The passion of giving your valuable team and clients the very best service and experience possible. Every single time.

Training a great cup time and time again

Great coffee is only as good as the team making it. Hold Fast knows better than anyone that after the bean, training is the most important factor. While it may only be a few simple instructions, our crew will ensure that your team knows how to use your equipment to make sure that every cup is as its very best, every time. The best part? It’s all part of the package.

Equipment the ultimate machines in the game

We take the guesswork, and legwork, out of coffee equipment for your office and organization. Whether you’re looking to purchase your own equipment or turnkey the entire process with our friends at Daiohs First Choice Coffee Services, we can customize a package using the best brands we rely on and trust. Our crew won’t bring you old, worn out gear. We bring new equipment that looks great, works well, and makes the coffee taste excellent. What’s more, they are the top-of-the-line machines we and the Daiohs First Choice team know inside and out, and have educated hundreds of people on.

We know that equipment issues can arise, and when they do, we understand how critical it is to get equipment back up and running perfectly right away. We partner with local coffee tech companies and keep them on call to ensure we’re able to keep our wholesale partners serving coffee at all times.

lets make a coffee statement together

Finding the right fit for wholesale suppliers can be a big decision. Let's chat one-on-one so you get answers to all of your questions.