We've Saved You a Seat

How we do anything is how we do everything. That means when you come into our cafe, you're getting the best coffee fresh from our roastery alongside a hand-selected menu of pastries and plates. If you're dining with friends, working remote, or enjoying a solo date, we've got something especially for you.


Espresso - $3.50
Americano - $3.50
Macchiato - $3.75
Cortado - $3.75
Cappuccino - $4.50
Latte - $4.75
Mocha - $6.00

Not Espresso

Drip - $3.25
Cold Brew - $5.00
Tea - $3.75
Chai - $5.50
Matcha - $5.50
Italian Soda - $3.25


Garden Sunrise $12

Egg, sliced avocado + tomato, served on a plain bagel with house made hot honey + chimichurri (Substitute for fresh sesame or everything bagel +$1)

Dawn Patrol $12

Egg, choice of pastrami or ham, + swiss cheese served on rye bagel with red pepper jelly

Croque Monsieur $12

Smoked ham + gruyere cheese, served on plain bagel with dijon sauce + cheese (Substitute for fresh sesame or everything bagel +$1)

Vinnie’s Choice $12

Genoa salami, smoked ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion + hot giardiniera, served on plain bagels (Substitute for fresh sesame or everything bagel +$1)

Breakfast Tacos $12

Two corn tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, bacon + colby jack cheese, topped with salsa + house made sriracha sour cream

Baked Brie $12

Brie with a olive oil, served with a side of house fig mustard + fresh sliced baguette

Hummus + Veggies $10

House made hummus, served with sliced cucumbers, peppers, carrots + toasted naan


Blend of açaí, assorted berries, almond milk + apple juice, topped with local granola, seasonal fruit, chia seeds + chocolate chips

Ham + Cheese $9

Fresh toasted baguette with ham, cheddar cheese + our house made fig mustard


Fresh butter croissant, served slightly warmed with a side of seasonal preserves

Bagel + Spread - $6.50

Plain bagel served with house made seasonal cream cheese spread. Choice of Fig + Cinnamon or Olive Oil + Scallion (Substitute for fresh sesame or everything bagel +$1)

Yogurt + Granola $6.50

Greek Yogurt, topped with locally made granola, berries, hemp hearts, and a little honey

Pastries MKT

Rotating selection of delectable treats

Open Monday - Saturday from 6:30am to 6pm, Sunday from 8am- 4pm