Wholeheartedly means everything, every time.

At Hold Fast Coffee Company, we find joy in serving others. It's more than a good attitude and an extra-wide smile. We believe the thing you care about should be present in every aspect of what you do. Coffee and people - that's us. From sourcing to roasting, training to partnerships, we do business with others in mind.

We love coffee. So much so, that we meticulously roast it to be exactly what our partners want and their taste buds crave. We brew it, drink it, and then train people with our full expertise, no secrets. Hold Fast is a coffee brand that encourages learning, because knowledge makes a difference (and a great cup of coffee).

We do everything, every time so coffee might be easy and enjoyable for others - from first interaction to last sip.



Our process is from first interaction to last sip.

We start every partnership with a conversation to understand you and your hopes for a coffee partner. It's okay to dream big - we've put in the hours to build a process that can make it happen.

Discover l Thoughtful plans for your high hopes

Roast l Single-origin beans or a blend for your palate

Craft l Tailored Drink menus for your capabilities

Educate l Barista training sessions for your staff

Care l Equipment leasing and maintenance for your hardware

Supply l Delivery and support for your long-term enjoyment


We're excited about you. Let's talk.